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A thought... - The Heimdall and Loki Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A thought... [Jul. 20th, 2004|11:52 pm]


[mood |scaredscared]
[music |Matantei Loki Ragnarok OST 2 - Himeta Omoi]

A friend mentioned to me that hemuloki has been frighteningly active...

So far, most of what I've seen there was Loki x Mayura. Who's just as afraid as I am?

On another note... Can anyone tell me how they would make Heimdall/Loki, as in Heimdall seme, work? I have one idea, but it's kinda so twisted that I'm not sure I'd write it at all..........

From: the_neph
2004-07-22 09:11 pm (UTC)
Well, I seldom de-lurk myself in these communities, but it was an interesting question you posed, and as someone who could see Heimdall/Loki happening, I figured I might comment. Not that I can't imagine it the other way, too... their relationship seems to have an element of rivalry/struggle for dominance to it in my imagination just about no matter what.

To my way of thinking, Heimdall can obviously be quite calculating when he's not overwhelmed by his emotions. Obviously, he's also obsessed with getting revenge on Loki for taking his eye.

I never have imagined him as sexually inexperienced, just disinterested. Or any interest he ever might have had was swallowed up in his blinding hatred for Loki; it's not clear to me which alternative is true. Either way, he is a god who has existed for a very long time and watched everything, implying to me a great body of knowledge. As the father of mankind, or at least the version I am familiar with, Heimdall would have to be capable of being seductive, as well. Again, this is just my take on him. There are a lot of other interpretations that work equally well.

I do not imagine him one day having a moment where he begins lusting after Loki. The way I think it would come about tends to work only if there is some existing attraction to/feeling for Heimdall on Loki's part (though Loki would not necessarily have realized it). The attraction could be mutual, though I am certain Heimdall would deny feeling any such attraction for Loki.

Anyway, here is the type of situation that I imagine (and have written). One day, in the midst of taunting/threatening Loki, Heimdall would say or do something unintentionally suggestive. Loki would react and lose some of his usual calm, and Heimdall would see it. He would come to realize Loki's attraction for him and decide to use it against Loki--to take something he wants dearly away from him eventually as repayment for his eye.

Hence, Heimdall's plan would be to seduce Loki once (or more), make Loki feel attached to him, and eventually reveal to him how much he hates him still. Heimdall might have to be fairly desperate for this to work, but I certainly think that he hates Loki enough to resort to such extremes. And what happens after Heimdall puts this plan into action... how he might be affected by it himself... is what is really interesting to me.

Anyway, just a random thought. And yes, the Loki/Mayura scares me, too!
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